Tagged (in case you want to know me more?)

By: ccsamaniego

May 23 2009

Category: Life/Experiences


Ok, this is in response to Bursky’s tag, which he posted last February. The rule is to write down 10 things/trivia about yourself. BUT, he extra challenged me by presenting these info with photos. I don’t usually respond to tags, but he used the magic word: photos, hehe. So I’m up for the challenge! What I’ll be sharing here are limited to the photos that I currently have in my files.  Here goes:

1. I dream to attend a formal cooking class. Probably a baking class.

2. I am not really fond of the rain. It usually dampens my mood.

3. I love coffee. I think I can have it anytime of the day. But of course I try to limit my intake with one mug(!) a day. I’m not really into fancy coffee.

4. I can’t sleep without drinking water first. And usually, there is a glass or a bottle of water at my bedside to make sure that I can drink anytime I want to.

5. I am a morning person, but I find looking at sunsets both amazing and relaxing. And I love capturing them in photos.  

6. I’m into reading children’s literature. Even my undergraduate thesis is about this topic, heehe.

7. I love desserts (and taking photos of them!). But a little more than what I need would either make me sleepy (downer) or sick (sore throat)

8. I collect postcards. I have this habit of asking my friends, whether they reside abroad or travelling, to send/buy me postcards wherever they are. (eherm, calling friends! 🙂

9. My first favorite photo subjects are flowers. Now I shifted to food.

10. I don’t like red roses. Hehehehe.


3 comments on “Tagged (in case you want to know me more?)”

  1. wow! i like this! thanks for doing the tag. sabi na eh, kayang-kaya mo yung challenge. 😉

  2. hehehe. i think most people know about these info, hehe.

  3. photo #8… i likey… 🙂 will collect more postcards for you…

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