By: ccsamaniego

Aug 29 2009

Category: Food


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On days when Emmi and I would just want to relax (without spending too much!) after a long day of work, we would always find our way to Coffeeway, a small coffee shop in UP Village. Coffeeway is a small, very unassumming place, where you can always find students studying or just louging with their laptops, or sometimes you’ll hear some local bands practising on the 2nd floor.Emmi and I would just talk about how our day went, our plans (as always!), or sometimes when we just want to “celebrate” for surviving another one (hell of a) week of work. Last night, I realized that their banana crepe goes well with the hot blueberry tea.




3 comments on “Coffeeway”

  1. omg!!! take me to that place please… seriously, it looks like an oasis in the middle of crazy Metromanila. and the food looks great too^^ I’ll be in Manila for 4 days next week. Hope we can have some time to chat in a tranquil place. Take care!

  2. We’ll go first to Fruili for some pizza, then Coffeway for dessert! How about that! hehehe. See you next week! Take care!

  3. HOHOHO, can’t wait!! :p

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