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Sep 05 2009

Category: Food


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Last Monday, which is a holiday, is comfort food day for us in the house. We planned to cook tinola for lunch and champorado for merienda. I requested for champorado because I couldn’t remember the last time I ate one. My Nanay, unfortunately, had to attend to her Midwife duties, delivering 2 babies that day. So I was left to cook our meals. I never tried cooking champorado by myself. So when my Nanay woke me up during my afternoon nap before going to attend another delivery, I was left with a pot of boiling water with malagkit rice, diluted chocolate powder, brown sugar and milk. I know champorado looks simple, but I found it quite challenging! The stirring to make sure that the rice won’t stick at the bottom; attaining the right consistency, sweetness and color. When I thought I’m done, I noticed that  the champorado has very dark color and very thick (First photo). Noooo!!. So I bought the pot back and adjusted the color and consistency, until I achieved my desired result. And yes, it was good! My Nanay said, I got it right. Wee!!! Cheers to champorado! hehehe



6 comments on “Champorado”

  1. Why do I always find out about great looking dishes when I’m away? T.T Anyway, this time I’ve asked my friend and he said he’ll cook champorado for me!^^ I have to learn myself though…

    Thanks again for showing me a place where I can find some peace and an awesome banana-choco fudge :p

  2. Wow! I hope you’ll like it! And I am glad that you like the places that I am showing you. hehehe. I might make my owner version of that banana refcake tom!

    Hey, time to update your blog. I’m looking forward to what you will share there, hehe

    Take a lot of care!

  3. I updated it yesterday my dear. Go and take a look. There’s a surprise 😉

  4. Yay! haha. Saw it! I know you have more stories to tell! 🙂 Btw, very nice photo! Sometimes, our camera phones can really capture very nice shots! hehe

  5. Thanks for the informative information – I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. 🙂 Cheers,

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