Take 2!

By: ccsamaniego

Sep 19 2009

Category: Food


I’ve been introduced in these two eating places by my good friend Rhea. And I must say, these places are worth the visit once more (and more!!).

RECIPES by Cafe Metro

2nd level, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

It’s been YEARS since I ate at Cafe Metro (in Megamall!). But I could still recall their Crispy Adobe Flakes (CAF). I am a sucker for this dish! When Rhea and I ate at Recipes, I discovered that it is by Cafe Metro. I wasn’t able to order their CAF that time. So when Eva and I were at Trinoma, I suggested that we dine at Recipes. And this time, I ordered their CAF. Yes, it is the same CAF that I tasted from Cafe Metro. Yum!


225 Katipunan Ave., Blue Ridge, Quezon City


Rhea and Nap brought me here a year ago after one of our photography workshops. It was a pleasant dining experience that I longed to be back. Their Banoffee pie is a must! I’ve been telling Emmi, my officemate, that we should go there one of these days. Finally, we did last night. Since it was a Friday, the place was crowded so we have to wait. That, I guess is the only thing that you have to endure when dining there. The place is really small. But the food and price are super sulit. Large servings and reasonably priced. I ordered their Chicken Breast Parmigiano (again!) while Emmi tried their Chicken Pie with CHUNKY Potato Salad. Of course, we saved room for a slice of their Banoffee Pie. Super yummy!


4 comments on “Take 2!”

  1. This time… I surrendered to the food of Banapple! Di ko kinaya sa sarap at kabusugan at sa sulit! Salamat inang!

  2. next time, dapat super gutom tayo pagpunta dun hehee

  3. hi, cars! parang obvious na puro pagkain ang impluwensya namin sayo ah! hahahaha 🙂 but we’re glad you liked it! sige, sa uulitin . . . ibang resto naman… 🙂

  4. hahaha. I don’t mind Mama! ehehehe. Super happy nga eh 🙂

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