By: ccsamaniego

Nov 19 2009

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I love dining in places with a homey/relaxing ambiance. Emmi and I recently visited Xocolat’s Katipunan branch and it is definately a big “check!” for us. We had churros, chocolate-carrot cake (weird but very nice!), xocolat lava, croquetas and lasagna. I think Emmi wasn’t very happy with her lasagna but the rest were all good! A nice way to reward ourselves with some sweet treats.

(This  is for P. who’s been waiting for this post, hehehe)


3 comments on “Xocolat-yey!”

  1. loveeettt! when will we go back? and our next stop? hope “P” will like this! hahaha!

  2. hahahaha. For sure he wants to go with us the next time we visit, hehehe

  3. of course i will join!!! hahah the place and the food look really nice~ hope u are ok in manila.

    ingat always and salamat for the post!!!


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