Bicho na yan!

By: ccsamaniego

Nov 21 2009

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Category: Food

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One of the signs that tells me that Christmas is just around the corner is when I start to see  a lot of small stalls selling bicho in the town of Baliaug, Bulacan. I started to love this food when I was a highschool student in Baliaug. Imagine finger-sized, deep-fried dough, coated with sugar and powdered milk. Who can beat the combination of oil and sugar, huh? hehhee.  The stall in the photo is my current suki.  I don’t know if they really do remember me, but whenever they see me, they would call my attention, “Suki! Bente?”, because I always buy P20 worth of bicho every weekend on my way home.
Have a safe weekend!
(please excuse the corny title of this post, hehe)

One comment on “Bicho na yan!”

  1. I want bicho before leaving the country… and that’s tomorrow! hahaha No bicho available around QC?

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