Pizza cravings

By: ccsamaniego

Jan 26 2011

Category: Food


Focal Length:45mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D40X

And I blame these hormones for this monthly cravings hehe. But since I don’t want to spend that much just to eat pizza, i thought of making something that will taste almost the same. Thankfully I have some tortilla bread in the fridge. I just bought a packet of Italian pizza sauce, quickmelt cheese and ham. Viola! Oh yeah, I just made this in the office for lunch, using my sandwich-maker (see those marks!). How about that! So while I am eating this good creation, I thought of maybe I can add some urugula and alfalfa sprouts and a drizzle of chili oil next time. Just like the Dear Darla pizza of Yellow Cab. That would be my next project hehe.


2 comments on “Pizza cravings”

  1. inang, my bestfriend and I tried Bellucci’s @ Balete Drive… yum din!

  2. Umaabot ka na sa Balete Drive ngayon? 😛

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